Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mobile and Touch are the Future

I woke up this morning this morning to the realization that the world has once again permanently changed. Not that I have had my head buried in the sand, but it now appears that the fundamental shift that needed to happen in user behavior to cement the transition from desktop to mobile and touch has arrived. What does this mean to Internet businesses? It means that the winds of change are upon us and that if you have yet to shift your focus from developing for desktop to mobile touch devices you could find yourself threatened in the near future by nimble mobile only startups. This is not as conspicuous as you would imagine. Facts such as 50% of all mobile searches result in a purchase will certainly continue to shed light on the importance of mobile. As I recently tweeted that I spotted my 20 month old daughter trying to manipulate the screen on our iMac with her finger. This will be her world. She will more than likely never need to know how to operate a mouse. Her world will be one radically different that the one we can imagine today. As an Internet-based business, today's world and the technology in it has to be the focal point of our development efforts.

So here is a question for you...

What will have the greatest impact on your technology strategy over the next 24 months? Will it be mobile, social, touch or something else?

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